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Goji’s introduces Canada’s first coconut milk frozen yogurt

Gojis_LRFood-service franchise system Goji’s Frozen Yogurt has launched  what is reportedly Canada’s first and only coconut milk frozen yogurt, as an alternative to dairy-based yogurt.

Following the success of Goji’s exclusive almond milk yogurt, which was launched in the spring, the coconut milk version is also appropriate for lactose-intolerant and vegan customers. Coconut milk is plant-based and low in calories.

“Goji’s prides itself on our many healthy options and we’re ecstatic about this latest addition,” says Tom Ostoich, Goji’s research and development specialist. “Not only is coconut milk yogurt dairy-free, but you also have the added health benefits of coconut and added probiotics. It is also extra creamy with a unique natural coconut flavour.”

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