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KFC trains cooks with VR

KFC has launched The Hard Way, a virtual reality (VR) game to teach cooks to learn how to make its Original Recipe fried chicken.

The game, which is part of a multi-step employee training program called Chicken Mastery Certification, is designed as an escape room. Colonel Sanders gives hints along the way to ensure trainees are making chicken correctly. After completing the five main steps (inspecting, rinsing, breading, racking and pressure frying), participants exit the training kitchen with a glimpse of what goes into cooking Original Recipe chicken. In real time, the process takes 25 minutes from start to service, but in VR, it only takes 10 minutes.

“In 1940, Colonel Sanders was just one man frying chicken by hand,” says George Felix, director of advertising for KFC. “Today, we have nearly 19,000 trained cooks across the U.S. and they are still doing it by hand. Our cooking process hasn’t changed much in 70 years, but the way we train our employees using technology has.”

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