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McDonald’s focusing on word of mouth from employees to recruit 5000 new hires

McDonald's Canada and its franchisees are banking on current employees, with the help of AI, to recruit 5,000 new hires.
McDonald’s Canada and its franchisees are banking on current employees, with the help of AI, to recruit 5000 new hires.

McDonald’s Canada and its franchisees today announced they aim to hire 5000 new crew members across Canada, with a focus on recruiting through current employees .

The company has introduced Olivia by Paradox, a conversational AI assistant that team members allows to connect their friends with jobs simply by sending a quick text message. This technology is both the first step towards a new hiring system, and part of a wider transformation of the McDonald’s restaurant employee experience that will further advance the brand into the digital age.

“At McDonald’s, we are always hiring and looking to grow our team, and together with our franchisees, we currently have thousands of open positions across Canada,” said Stephanie Hardman, chief people officer at McDonald’s Canada. “Olivia, our new conversation assistant, makes it easier than ever for those who already work at a McDonald’s restaurant to refer a friend and bring energetic and motivated people onto the team as we build an exciting future together.”

The technology has helped the company generate 1784 referrals in the past year. Through a short text exchange, Olivia lets crew members share a job opening at their specific restaurant or invite a friend to conduct their own search. From there, the referred friend simply completes their application, which is reviewed by the hiring manager. Referral incentives are common but vary by restaurant and franchisee organization.

“One of the best things about working at McDonald’s is the interesting people you meet and the lasting friendships you can make,” said franchisee Ryan McCullough, of McCullough Family Restaurants in Winnipeg, Man. “Our crew members know that, and Olivia is helping them spread the word about the great opportunities that exist for self-starters looking for a challenging and fun role in a great team atmosphere. So far, Olivia has helped us significantly increase referrals from our crew as we start to bounce back from the impacts of the pandemic.”

A first job at McDonald’s has served as a springboard to diverse careers for many people. McDonald’s Leadership Development Program also provides a pathway to management and careers for those individuals interested in a long term career with McDonald’s restaurants.

Those interested in learning more about available roles and applying should visit the McDonald’s careers website.

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