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New McDonald’s Canada franchise is largest in Ontario

croppedThe newest McDonald’s Canada franchise, which opened in downtown Toronto on November 26, is also the biggest in Ontario.

Showcasing the franchisor’s most recent design features, such as vertical digital menu boards, light-emitting diode (LED) lighting and customer service-enhancing features (e.g. social zones and study stations) and iconic menu items featured throughout, the nearly 9,000-square-foot restaurant is located near Yonge and Elm Streets.

It features two levels, with dedicated spaces to cater to various customer needs, including a special area for on-the-go guests on the first floor and more comfortable seating on the second floor, where customers who want to stay longer can relax by a fireplace or look out onto the street. There are also specially designed social areas for students to take advantage of unlimited free Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) and 24-hour service, as the restaurant is near Toronto’s Ryerson University.

“It’s amazing to have so much space to work with in a downtown location,” says Lindsay Bridge, franchisee. “It allows us to provide the ultimate experience for our guests and a gathering place for the community to work, play or relax.”

The restaurant is also designed for speed and efficiency, with innovations in ordering and kitchen procedures. The McCafé counter and seating area allow customers to bypass the main counter to order a coffee or snack. With extensive menu offerings, such as pastries, desserts and other bakery items, this area will serve as a testing ground for the franchisor’s newest McCafé items.


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