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Ontario couple named Little Gym franchisees of the year

Mari and Ed HughesEd and Mari Hughes of London, Ont., have been named The Little Gym International’s franchisees of the year.

The husband and wife, who joined the franchise system in 2005, were recognized for their outstanding contributions to its overall success. In addition to running their own successful franchise, they have been actively involved as consultants in various capacities. Ed has served as a field consultant to Canadian franchisees since 2008 and has worked closely with a master franchisee in Quebec to help bring the program to more families throughout that province. Mari is currently serving on the franchise system’s international marketing committee, contributes to the company’s curriculum and previously served on the executive advisory council.

“The Little Gym has been a perfect fit for us,” she says. “After we started our family, we sought an opportunity to focus on child development. The learning program at The Little Gym helps children harness the emotional confidence to try something new and grow important skills like spatial awareness and trust in others.”

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