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Personal experiences play pivotal role in London Chopped Leaf franchisee’s vision

The Chopped Leaf has opened its newest location in London, Ont. at 1041Wellingston Rd.
The Chopped Leaf has opened its newest location in London, Ont. at 1041Wellingston Rd.

This is owner Bette Creek’s first official Chopped Leaf location, but she is no stranger to London or the brand.

After deciding to move away from the GTA to raise her family in the city where her husband Scott grew up, Bette quickly came to the opinion that London lacked easily accessible, nutrient dense food options and felt inspired to help the community feel good after they eat.

She can attest that motivating children and family members to make nourishing food choices can be challenging at times, especially if these options are not readily available. She believes the decisions she makes in her own household have directly influenced the choices her children will continue to make as they grow up.

“Over the past several years I have taken a very vested interest in the food I eat and how it affects my health. I’ve become very picky,” she explained.

Bette is thrilled to be able to provide her beloved city with an option that combines delicious flavours and fresh ingredients. She truly believes in the mission of the brand, which is to give guests a dish they can be proud of, and leave with a smile on their face.

The restaurant officially opened on Friday, September 18 and is located at 1041 Wellington Rd., Unit 2, in London.

Residents of Edson, Alba. are passionate about the outdoors, and The Chopped Leaf is ready to fuel everyone while embarking on these activities.

This is owners Amit Menon and Mitanshu Patel’s first official Chopped Leaf location.

“Edson has needed a new option for fresh, quick meals in town,” Amit says. “Everyone is excited to hear about The Chopped Leaf coming.”

The restaurant officially opened on Monday, September 28.

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