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Piri Piri Rotisserie opens first franchised location in Montreal

Piri Piri Rotisserie will open its franchised location in Montreal on November 17.
Piri Piri Rotisserie will open its franchised location in Montreal on November 17.

Piri Piri Rotisserie chain is expanding and opening its first franchised store located on November 17.

The Portuguese-Canadian owned restaurant chain quickly adapted to the pandemic’s health restrictions and remained successful despite several closures in the industry. Piri Piri currently operates five rotisseries since 2012 and launched its expansion plan via the franchising model in 2020. The Sherbrooke Street store will be a flagship for Piri Piri, and it will serve as a training and role model store for new franchisees and managers.

Piri Piri is looking for entrepreneurs to join the company; the company plans to have 25 stores in operation by 2025 in the Montreal region. Potential franchisees are invited to meet the chain’s franchising directors at the Franchise Expo on November 13 and 14 at Palais des Congrès, on November 16 during the flagship store’s pre-opening and in March 2022 at the conferences on business mindset and skills, hosted by special guest and entrepreneur Hugo Girard.

“We are very proud to have been able to add four new franchises to our network, even though we were still in pandemic mode. Coming out of COVID will bring a great potential for development and growth for Piri Piri,” said Mahmoud Chahrour, partner and director of franchising at Les Rotisseries Piri Piri Franchises.

Piri currently operates five corporate locations in Montreal along with the flagship franchise store which is opening. Four franchises have been sold in the city, with two leases secured and in final negotiations, and two new locations in negotiations.

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