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Pizza franchises offer slices for cellphones

croppedThroughout April, under its Cells for Slices program, Pizza Pizza is again accepting unwanted handheld devices from its customers, who may trade them in for a free slice of pepperoni pizza.

Customers visiting any of the franchisor’s 365 traditional restaurants in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan can trade in their digital cameras, power adapters, tablet computers, MP3 players and mobile phones, including smart phones. These donated items are refurbished as part of Food Banks Canada’s Phones for Food program, and the funds raised from refurbishing go back to Food Banks Canada and their local food banks.

“We’re offering an easy way for our customers to dispose of old and unwanted devices in a way that rewards them,” says Pat Finelli, Pizza Pizza’s chief marketing officer. “Cells for Slices contributes to a great program run by the good people at Food Banks Canada and is especially beneficial for the preservation of the environment and the individuals and families they serve.”

Launched in 2004, Pizza Pizza’s Cells for Slices program has so far collected more than 5,600 used mobile devices.

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