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Pizza Nova brings Italy’s Foccacia Barese to Canada

Ontario-based pizzeria franchisor Pizza Nova has been granted the exclusive rights to serve Foccacia Barese in Canada.

The oven-baked Italian bread, which originated in the 1800s, carries a protected geographical indication, representing the European legal framework that protects regional foods.

As such, Pizza Nova’s staff had to travel back and forth between Toronto and Bari, Italy, for extensive training in traditional preparation methods and the precise quantities and qualities of ingredients, before eventual approval by the Bari Consortium. Served warm or at room temperature, the dish requires specific tomatoes, black olives and extra-virgin olive oil imported from Bari.

“The trees that grow the olives to produce this oil are surrounded by artichokes and fruit trees

that contribute to the richness of the soil and to the aroma of the olive oil,” explains Domenic Primucci, president of Pizza Nova. “We sincerely thank the Consortium for having granted Pizza Nova the honour, privilege and legal rights to prepare Foccacia Barese in Canada for our customers.”

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