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Quebec’s Pannizza franchise coming to GTA

Pannizza_TOHaving opened nine successful locations in Quebec, food-service franchise system Pannizza will open its first Greater Toronto Area (GTA) restaurant in Mississauga, Ont., next month.

The build-your-own pizza and baked panini concept allows customers to choose from either a set menu or custom-design a pizza or panini using ingredients on-site. There are also creative options, such as salads in edible pizza bowls, dessert pizzas and selections for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets.

“With an innovative concept, a welcoming atmosphere and an average price point of $9, we fully expect Pannizza to be as big a hit in Ontario as it is in Quebec,” says CEO Derek Massad. “In fact, by December 2015, there will be 19 franchises operating across Canada and we have deals in the works that will see up to 240 restaurants in the next few years.”

Each Pannizza franchise averages 1,500 square feet and seats approximately 40 people. The black and red décor features big, bold words from the menu in eye-catching typography.

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