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Quesada customers wanted authentic Mexican burrito ingredients in 2015

Quesada_burritoFood-service franchise system Quesada Burritos and Tacos has released its customer insights from 2015, which include requests for exotic menu options, authentic toppings and healthier beverages.

“Customers’ palettes continue to evolve along with their expectations,” says the company’s CEO, Steve Gill. “The future is all about flavour and old-school, personalized service that is speedy and efficient.”

Customers wanted authentic Mexican toppings, such as homemade Mexican coleslaw and pickled onions, rather than basic toppings like lettuce and tomato. Quesada’s drunken chicken burrito, which features sweet and spicy flavours with tequila, orange juice and chillies, also became increasingly popular in 2015. A decline in sales of carbonated drinks and an upswing in alternative options, such as water and juice, proved customers are interested in healthier beverages. There were also higher expectations for customer service, longer dining times in Quebec versus the rest of Canada and a rise in repeat customers. The flame-grilled chicken burrito was the number one selling menu item in 2015.

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