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Recipe Unlimited commits $20 million towards sustainability goals

On the heels of releasing its first corporate social responsibility report, Recipe Unlimited has pledged $20 million towards its sustainability goals by 2025.

The report highlights company’s achievements to date and commitments for the future across three key pillars: ‘People, food, and planet.’

“We are proud of the progress we’ve made but have much more to do, especially seeing the warnings coming out of the latest U.N. climate change report,” said Frank Hennessey, Recipe Unlimited CEO. “As citizens of this planet this work matters, and as a leader in the restaurant industry, it is incumbent upon us to do even more. We are dedicating $20 million specifically for the purpose of helping us achieve our quantifiable targets and goals by 2025. We are committed to public accountability and transparency in these efforts.”

The three identified pillars include their own individual priorities:


  • Talent and employee engagement
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Benefits and compensation
  • Employee wellness
  • Community engagement and philanthropy


  • Sustainable food sourcing
  • Food safety
  • Choice and nutrition
  • Responsible marketing
  • Food rescue


  • Sustainable packaging
  • Waste management
  • Green design and construction: energy management; water management; and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction

“Our CSR goals create a bolder vision that helps to further unite our teammates, franchisees, and suppliers around the priorities that matter most: sustainably growing the business, taking care of our people and planet, and delivering the exceptional dining experiences our guests have come to expect,” explained Hennessey.

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