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San Jose Shark Brent Burns drops in at Subway in Montreal

Unsuspecting customers at a Subway franchise in Montreal received a visit from National Hockey League (NHL) player Brent Burns through a promotion for the store’s new Pepsi Spire beverage machine.

First, Burns appeared on the machine’s digital touch screen, bouncing around, trying to speak French and helping customers create their own drink concoction via virtual reality (VR). Then, he visited in-person to really surprise customers.

“Brent’s authentic style and ability to mix things up made for a natural fit to connect and engage with our customers through Pepsi Spire,” says Cristina Wells, senior director of national marketing for Subway Restaurants Canada.

Pepsi Spire enables hundreds of drink combinations and allows customers to add up to three flavour shots (cherry, lemon and vanilla) to their Mountain Dew, Pepsi or Brisk Iced Tea.

“I like to think of myself as a unique guy and Pepsi Spire lets me add my own personal touch to my beverage,” says Burns. “I also love the element of surprise and got a kick out of seeing how Canadians responded. It has been cool to interact with Subway customers via the machine. The reactions were priceless!”

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