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Snap Fitness partners with Tim McGraw for signature club design

Gym franchisor Snap Fitness has partnered with country music star Tim McGraw to develop Tru Mav Signature Clubs.

The two-year partnership will see the development of several custom-designed Snap Fitness gyms. McGraw says his clubs will reflect his straightforward, independent style and hometown values. There are plans for special equipment, music and workout programs based on McGraw’s own fitness routines.

“Fitness and healthy living are key parts of my music and life,” says McGraw. “Working out becomes a habit when it’s an easy part of everyday life, which is why I’m partnering with Snap Fitness. These gyms will help folks who are short on time. They will serve as encouraging ‘communities’ that support people who are working toward their own fitness goals.”

“Tim’s passion for helping people get healthy is authentic to his core,” says Peter Taunton, founder of Snap Fitness. “His values align with ours and will help encourage and motivate more people to start exercising and pay better attention to their well-being.”

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