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The Works adds Nutella burger to Baconism menu

Food-service franchise system The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro has launched its Hella Good ‘Tella burger as part of its new Baconism menu.

Hella Good ‘Tella features a bacon and beef patty topped with maple bacon and a crispy ring filled with Nutella. The Baconism menu also features Chorizo Your Own Adventure (bacon and beef patty topped with grilled chorizo sausage, Dijon bacon coleslaw, banana peppers and crispy onion rings), Bacon You Fancier, Huh? (bacon and beef patty topped with aged white cheddar, thick-cut maple bacon, bacon-roasted tomatoes, arugula and mayonnaise) and  the Wrecking Balls appetizer (bacon-wrapped cheddar tater tots served with bacon-roasted garlic aioli).

“We’re excited for our latest success with the new Hella Good ‘Tella, where we’ve combined the best of two worlds: Nutella and gourmet burgers,” says Bruce Miller, CEO of The Works. The Baconism menu is available until June 11.

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