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Tim Hortons opens high-end café

Tim Hortons has opened its first innovation café at 130 King in downtown Toronto.
Tim Hortons has opened its first innovation café at 130 King in downtown Toronto.

Tim Hortons 130 King—the company’s first innovation café—has opened.

The event was commemorated with a grand opening ceremony where the first 100 guests were eligible to win $5000.

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto at the base of the Exchange Tower—one floor below Tim Hortons head office—the restaurant is a modern interpretation of the brand and is a unique space to test new menu items and technology initiatives.

The location will be open 24-7 where a 2489.2-mm (98-in.) 4K video wall will greet guests upon entry of the building. Wireless charging will be integrated into seating throughout the restaurants for compatible mobile devices.

A mobile order pick-up area and self-order kiosks will be available to guests. A digital coffee education screen will share the Tim Hortons 130 King story featuring new beverage innovations, brewing methods, and seasonal single-origin coffees.

Some of the beverage items available at the restaurant include:

  • A draft latte nitro-infused cold brew coffee layered with milk;
  • Americanos, cappuccinos, flat whites, cortados;
  • Tea beverages—whole leaf specialty and lattes—will be made to order by baristas;
  • Manual press coffee is steeped and then pushed through a filter for a unique flavour;
  • Nitrogen gas is applied to select beverages on tap to deliver a unique coffee beverage; and
  • A single-origin coffee program takes highlighting the unique flavours and aromatics present in the regions where the brand sources coffee beans.

Twelve ‘Dream Doughnuts’ will also be prepared by bakers on-site:

  • Crème brûlée;
  • Dulce de leche;
  • Maple bacon;
  • Froot Loops;
  • PB & J;
  • Blueberry hibiscus;
  • Brown butter and sea salt;
  • Hazelnut buttercream;
  • Cranberry orange;
  • Original glaze; and
  • Praline.

“At Tim Hortons 130 King we are showcasing our coffee expertise with seven different brewing methods and signature drinks like our Tim Hortons draft latte,” said the company’s chief marketing officer Axel Schwan. “Our passion for baked goods is highlighted with our 12 Dream Doughnuts—each handcrafted by bakers in-house.”

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