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Tim Hortons switches to white-coloured hot beverage lids at some locations

Tim Hortons is switching to white-coloured hot beverage lids at a number of its locations.
Tim Hortons is switching to white-coloured hot beverage lids at a number of its locations.

As the next step in its ‘Tims For Good’ sustainability platform, Tim Hortons is introducing new white hot beverage lids at select restaurants across Canada.

According to a company media release, changing the colour of the lids from brown to white aims to improve the value of these materials to recyclers. “Based on industry consultations about the future of recycling in Canada, we believe that white recyclable materials have better potential to be reused and repurposed into more new products, helping us close the loop on recycling more of our packaging,” the release states.

Tim Hortons has also been testing a new plastic-free fibre lid and is expanding those tests to more locations this year.

“Tims For Good is about recognizing that given our scale at Tim Hortons, every small thing we do or change we make has the potential to make a big impact. White lids are another step in our sustainability journey, and we’re looking forward to testing plastic-free fibre lids with more guests this year,” said Paul Yang, senior director of innovation and sustainability for Tim Hortons.

Through its various Tims For Good initiatives, including transitioning from plastic to paper straws, Tim Hortons in Canada says it eliminated one billion single-use plastics in 2021 that would otherwise have ended in landfills. Other initiatives including the introduction of new 100 per cent recycled-fibre napkins and new recyclable sandwich packaging, which the company claims contributed to more than three billion units of packaging being improved at restaurants in Canada in 2021 compared to the packaging that was used in restaurants in prior years.

Tim Hortons is also preparing to launch another reusable and returnable packaging trial in Vancouver this year. Following up on a pilot project that launched last year in Ontario, it will offer Vancouver guests at participating restaurants the option of paying a deposit and receiving reusable and returnable cups.

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