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Wendy’s ‘poutitions’ for national dish recognition

In late June, Wendy’s Restaurants of Canada presented a ‘poutition’ to the federal government in Ottawa to have poutine—which was recently added to its menu—named Canada’s national dish.

Originating in Quebec, poutine combines fries, cheese curds and gravy and has become a favourite culinary delicacy across much of the country.

Wendy’s launched the online petition in April at www.poutition.ca, with a plan to submit it to Parliament once 100,000 signatures were received, just in time for Canada Day. It was promoted through Facebook, YouTube, radio and TV commercials.

“Poutine has symbolic importance for many Canadians, who have grown up enjoying it and continue to seek it out as a treat,” says Ron Baugh, senior vice-president (SVP) of Wendy’s Canada. “It is perfect when you want a hearty dish. We wanted to showcase the love of poutine across all provinces in an interactive campaign. So, we asked people to join the conversation.”

Customers who signed the poutition received coupons for free upgrades, allowing them to add poutine to a purchased combo meal.

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