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Yuzu Sushi to be acquired by MTY

MTY Food Group Inc. plans to acquire Yuzu Sushi.
MTY Food Group Inc. plans to acquire Yuzu Sushi.

Quebec-based franchisor MTY Group has announced plans to acquire Yuzu Sushi.

Company owners Steve Morency and Frederic Matte will remain with the brand, which will continue to be headquartered in Quebec City.

“We are very proud to have built a strong, successful network, filled with potential and growth opportunities.” said Morency.

The company network currently has 132 points of sale (POS) in operation, including 68 restaurant franchises, 30 franchised express counters, and 34 complementary grocery outlets. The restaurant mainly operates mainly in Quebec and has a presence in New Brunswick. System sales totalled more than $40 million last year.

“Yuzu Sushi is a young and dynamic brand with a network of committed franchise partners that are just as dynamic,” said MTY’s CEO Eric Lefebvre. “The company also has a customer base that is passionate about gourmet sushi, new products, and offers significant growth potential for future years.”

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