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Sigrid Butler (left) oversees our production department. As we are connected to downtown Calgary’s +15 Skyway network, we get a lot of walk-in business. team and had placed lots of players in the U.S. and overseas, so I chose them over the University of Calgary (U of C) and studied business marketing. I also worked part- time as a bike courier for West Canadian Graphics, a printing company. It was a great fit because it helped me stay in shape for basketball. And doing that for a year, I learned a lot about the printing industry. I met Kathy in my second year at SAIT through mutual friends on the basketball team. She was studying business marketing, too. After SAIT, I got a scholarship to play basketball at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, B.C., where I also went back to my childhood dream of studying psychology. My plan was to stay on there and coach. As it turned out, though, I was only there for two years until I blew my knee out, lost my scholarship and returned home to Calgary to await surgery and then recuperate. When I got back home, the surgery was three months away. In the meantime, to help pay off my student loans, I worked in the production department of Weekend Copy, which was roughly equivalent to a Kinko’s. Once my knee was recovering and I was playing baseball, the vice-president (VP) of Weekend Copy suggested I try my hand at sales instead of production. He said I was talkative, engaging and outgoing. I got that job and did it for 10 years, during which time Kathy and I got married. I found sales required a bit of my background in psychology, statistics, PrepnSell_SQ3.indd 1 CBF_Dect2015_B.indd 31 accounting, business management and marketing. I also already knew about our clients’ processes and could help them set up their print files. December 2015 | Canadian Business Franchise 31 2015-07-17 11:07 AM 2015-11-04 8:45 AM