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Five tips for effective customer service in the retail sector

By Nicole Attias What is true empathy? Is it hearing what the consumer says and waiting until they calm down? When dealing with any client, it is imperative franchisees put themselves in their guests’ shoes to obtain a complete understanding of the situation. That said, practicing superb guest service becomes even more of a challenge in the retail sector, where dealing with end-users is an emotionally driven experience. So what’s a franchisee to do?…

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Adopting mobile payments for your restaurant

By Kristen Gramigna
There are often times when one goes out to a restaurant, finishes eating a great meal and has to wait around for the server to bring the bill. It can also be frustrating going up to the checkout and finding a lengthy line to stand in while waiting to pay. As a restaurant owner, it can be discouraging to hear valid complaints about slow service or long lines.

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